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How much time do you waste on "search efforts" or duplication of documentation?

Is your office full of "dog-eared" and badly photocopied bits and pieces of paperwork?

Can you or your employees access important vital information quickly?

Are your documents accurate and up to date?

Do you have office systems and processes that you know could be more efficient?


PC Training

We provide on-site training that is practical and interactive. Employees are trained how to use the documentation and are shown why it is important that they must be followed at all times.

Follow-up coaching is available to fully integrate the material with day-to-day functions.



Document Management

It is essential that all documents, data and manuals used within your organisation are correctly aligned to the needs of the business and that everyone uses and follows the correct policies and procedures which you have taken time to develop and implement.

TQM Solutions will help you to set up procedures to control all the documents and data related to your organisation, including procedures to control changes to documents and data.



TQM Solutions can help by providing:

  • Records management assessment and planning with paper and electronic file systems
  • Evaluation of how your company can become more paperless and utilise your computer systems more effectively
  • Overall process improvement strategies to help employees gain more productivity and efficiency
  • Assessment of policy, processes and implementation strategies
  • Investigation of office interaction and suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of office communications

TQM will work with you to develop and implement procedures to control all the documents and data related to your organisation. These procedures will include the control of both internal and external documents and data, and cover electronic or hardcopy documents and data.

The project scope will involve developing procedures to review, approve, and manage all of your documents and data and will ensure that only authorised people are allowed to formally  approve documents and data prior to distribution.

  • Controls will be tailored to your organisations requirements and ensure that all documents and data are formally approved before they are distributed throughout the organisation.
  • Measures can be taken to prevent the accidental use of obsolete documents and data.
  • Only the current versions of documents and data will be available for use.
  • Old versions of documents that are required to be retained for legal or historical purposes can be marked as such and segregated from current versions.
  • Adding approved distribution lists will mean that documents and data are available wherever and whenever they are needed.

TQM Solutions will improve your business performance through better management of key information. 

  • We will help you to build documents from scratch, or we can work with your existing material, adapting it to create a professional series of documents that will add value to your business.
  • Your documents will incorporate your business Policy for each step of the processes, which means each employee will work to a set standard and make decisions based on the parameters that you set..
  • All documentation produced is practical, effective, easy-to-use and, above all, client-driven. We will produce either paper or electronic copies in Adobe Acrobat or word format that are colour coordinated to match your corporate identity, logo or colour scheme.


Version and Change Control

Introducing version and change control measures had the added benefit of encouraging employees to become involved with continuous improvement and offer suggestions to update or review processes.

TQM will add in procedures to control changes to documents and data that will ensure that changes are made because they are justified, marked as changes and reviewed and approved by the original review and approval groups.

Your business and employees will benefit from having updated or new processes or policies added immediately when they change. This means that your documents are always up-to-date and all your employees always follow the latest ‘best practice’ and help maintain a quality standard for your customers.

Training New Policy and Processes

When the documents are ready, TQM Solutions will deliver in-house user training workshops to introduce the material to your employees. This is a vital step to ensure that new measures are adopted and put into practice by everyone.

Many employees benefit from being trained to use manuals and documents, it helps them to learn new information about the business which in turn helps them deliver better customer service, they also begin to offer suggestions for improvements that can make the processes more efficient and add value for the customer.

Who benefits from these services?

  • Larger organisations that want to review their document handling processes
  • Small - to medium - sized businesses
  • Early-stage businesses that are experiencing growing pains
  • Start-up businesses who want to start right




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