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The Institute of Directors, British Institute of Management, Equal Opportunities Commission, Institute of Personnel and Development and the CBI have all identified Recruitment and Selection as being one of the managerial disciplines most in need of improvement. 

However, it remains one of the least scientific, the most risk ridden and exposed to personal whim, subjective judgment, gut feeling assessment and lead to costly, inappropriate appointments which are almost always due to an absence of any objective criteria for selection.

 Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment is one of the most important tasks that a company undertakes and can be costly and time consuming, involving advertising costs, interview expenses and staff time. Placing the right people in the right jobs reduces the staff turnover rate and the costs involved with constant recruitment.

In order for you to get a head start and attract the right people into your organisation, TQM Solutions design end to end Recruitment Solutions.

We start by working with you to define competencies and job roles that have real meaning for your organisation and the job holder.

Assessment centers are tailored to provide a positive environment for participants and deliver robust information for your organisation that enables you to make fair judgments and decisions.

Following the selection process TQM Solutions will help you to develop induction and probationary period development tools for the job holder. These development tools are designed to be used by your organisation to develop quality people, who will make a difference to your business, they measure and give manageable results on the individuals progress and identify further support and development opportunities.

Recruitment Legislation

The recruitment and selection process generally is subject to a whole range of employment legislation and codes of practice which must be adhered to. The cost of getting it wrong is considerable.

For example: Individuals who have never actually been employed, but have simply submitted a C.V. or application form and not been short listed for interview can now lodge an Employment Tribunal claim against a company and the burden of proof is now on the employer in such discrimination claims to prove the action did not take place and therefore having the correct procedures and records in place is critical.

Companies need to spend time and invest in training the recruitment team as it is essential that everyone involved in the recruitment and selection process is fully aware of the correct processes and how to comply with current legislation. Training is vital to help boost the confidence of the recruiters as well as improving the caliber of the workforce.

TQM Solutions can help you put together a Recruitment and Selection Handbook of good practices, procedures and templates for use by Interviewers and Personnel Staff to assist with the recruitment of all categories of staff, and then deliver a training programme around the various elements.


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